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049: The Benefits of Alternative Therapies to Help You with Infertility and a High-Risk Pregnancy

Western medicine has its limitations and when you go through infertility and/or a high-risk pregnancy you know exactly how little science actually knows about reproductive health.

The problem is, doctors only advise couples to try evidence-based therapies to help them get pregnant or to help them have a healthy pregnancy.

While there is plenty of reason to follow that advice, solely relying on what research has proven to be helpful is limiting your choices on safe alternatives to try to help you achieve your family-building goals.


Episode highlights...

  • The limitations of evidence-based research when it comes to fertility and high-risk pregnancies

  • Safe alternatives to consider if you want to get pregnant or have a healthy pregnancy (even if you have complications)

  • My fears around alternative medicine and treatment for my son and how I decided to proceed anyway

  • Why alternative treatments are especially helpful when you're dealing with a high-risk pregnancy

  • How to figure out which alternative therapy is a good option for you and your particular situation

  • The importance of finding alternative treatments and therapies that compliment not hinder ongoing medical care

Focus on the end goal that’s most important. Do you homework and keep an open mind about how you can make that possible. And then throw everything at it.

Resources from the show...


When you want something bad enough, throw everything you can at it to help you get it as quickly as possible. (Tweet that!)

We’ve stopped being able to think critically about our health and we just blindly put our lives in someone else’s hands thinking they have all of the answer and they don't. (Tweet that!)

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