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051: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety So You Can Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Feeling stressed during your pregnancy, especially if you are high-risk, is not your fault. Who wouldn't feel stressed when they have pregnancy complications? But emotional and physical stress management is critical to helping you have a healthy pregnancy...even if you have medical complications during your pregnancy.

There's a tremendous amount of research that supports this. So this episode I'm guiding you through how to make fast improvements to your pregnancy health and wellness by managing your stress quickly!


Episode highlights...

  • What the research and OBs say about how stress impacts pregnancy and how long you stay pregnant

  • The story of Laura who had 2 preemies and called me in tears because she was in and out of the hospital again the third time around

  • The first step every pregnant woman needs to take when you're trying to manage your stress during pregnancy

  • Why so many women who are happy, hopeful and optimistic are missing signs that their body is still under stress

  • Powerful tips when to manage your physical and emotional stress when your stress stems from

  • Anxiety

  • Dehydration

  • Lack of sleep

  • Physical pain

  • How to make sure the stress management tools you're trying will actually work for you

Stress management must be part of your everyday routine and part of your prenatal care because it is critical to helping you have a healthy pregnancy even if you have complications.

Resources from the show...

  • What happened the last 15 days of my pregnancy (Listen here)

  • What the research says on stress and pregnancy (Read here)

  • Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During Your High-Risk Pregnancy (Get your copy)

  • Deeply personalized support to help you have a healthy high-risk pregnancy (Learn more)

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Each of our bodies are completely different. Why do we think standard stress management tools will help different people in the same way? (Tweet that!)

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