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052: The Truth About Carrying Twins During a High-Risk Pregnancy

Having twins sounds cool doesn't it? I've always wished I had a twin! And to be honest, there have been times on our fertility journey when I thought, "Screw it. Let's just transfer 2 embryos. A twin pregnancy can't be harder than the heartbreak of recurring loss or failed cycles, right?" I know so many women feel the same too.

The problem, though, is that we tend to glamorize twin pregnancies as easier than doctors make them out to be, when the reality is that twin pregnancies are high-risk. That means both mom AND babies are at higher risk for developing health complications like preterm labor, preterm contractions, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and so much more.

On this episode, I'm so glad that twin mom, Brittany Dixon, joins us to share her real, raw experience of carrying her twin girls so you know what to prepare yourself for when/if you're pregnant with twins too.


Episode highlights...

  • How she reacted when she found out she was having twins and how she went into panic mode when she found out each had a medical complication that the doctors couldn't help with.

  • The realities of being on bed rest starting at 26 weeks into her pregnancy and how she coped with off and on hospital stays for monitoring her contractions and dilation.

  • The time one of the twins knocked a rib out of place

  • How she delivered her twins at 36 weeks and 4 days, one vaginally and the other an emergency c-section

  • How she advocated for herself in the hospital even as the anesthesia was just wearing off

  • The twin bond is real even 5 years later!

  • Her advice to couples expecting twins to help them better cope with the realities of a high-risk pregnancy

Twin pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies and it's important that you are informed about the realities of carrying twins so you can be best prepared to make decisions for you and your babies.

Resources from the show...


What every couple needs to know about the realities of having a twin prengancy (Tweet that!)

About the Guest

Brittany Dixon is an Organizing and Productivity Strategist for stressed out and exhausted Women Entrepreneurs who specializes in helping her clients organize and systematize their home, life and business so they are not losing time, money and sanity! A mother herself, of Twin girls Kenna and Layla, Brittany started her Entrepreneurial journey in October of 2015 when she started her Professional Organizing business. She then ventured into the online coaching world in March of 2017. Prior to starting her businesses Brittany spent 10 years in Customer Service, Event Planning and Hospitality.

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