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053: How to End Guilt and Self-Blame When You're Going Through Infertility or a High-Risk Pregna

You know infertility and a high-risk pregnancy is not your fault. You KNOW it. But the thoughts just don't stop.

Why is this happening?

What did I do to cause this?

Why am I so broken?

If that sound like you, this episode is a must listen.


Episode highlights...

  • The quote that sent me over the edge in protectiveness of my clients and all women going through infertility and a high-risk pregnancy

  • How our culture's reliance on cause-and-effect explanations hurt women's ability to heal after infertility and high-risk pregnancy

  • The way infertility, loss and a high-risk pregnancy impacted my emotional wellbeing and fueled my guilt

  • How I coped with guilt and self-blame during my very high-risk pregnancy after infertility (HINT: I don't recommend anyone try it)

  • How our ability to talk ourselves in and out of anything impedes most women's ability to let go of guilt and self-blame

  • The #1 thing all women need to do when trying any strategy to relieve guilt and self-blame

  • Three tips on how to end release guilt and self-blame when you're going through infertility and a high-risk pregnancy

You know you didn’t do anything to cause this or deserve it but you only know it in your head. You have to know it in your heart/body/soul to truly let this go and heal.

Resources from the show...

  • What happened the last 15 days of my pregnancy (Listen here)

  • Stop telling me to get over my grief (Listen in)

  • Deeply personalized support to help you manage guilt through infertility, high-risk pregnancy and postpartum (Learn more)

  • Get your copy of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy (Read Now)

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