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055: Using Your Words to Heal from Infertility, High-Risk Pregnancy and/or Preterm Delivery

healing from infertility, high-risk pregnancy and preterm delivery

You feel broken. You feel like you've failed your baby. You feel like a terrible mother. You feel like you deserve the challenges you're facing as you are trying to grow your family.

But you feel like you can never say that out loud, because everyone tries to convince you otherwise.

On this episode, I share with you why these exact words are essential for you to say and to embrace because they are the key to helping you heal from the trauma you're experiencing.


Episode highlights...

  • Why I pushed back on my husband when he tried to convince me I'm not broken

  • How my client went from telling herself "I'm ok" to feeling joy after her experience with infertility and a high-risk pregnancy

  • How the words you use are not hindering your healing but are clues to help you heal quickly after infertility, high-risk pregnancy or preterm delivery

  • Why I encourage preemie moms to talk about feeling like a failure

  • The questions you must ask yourself in order to help you heal after a traumatic pregnancy or preterm delivery

  • Why the solution to a complicated situation is almost never complicated, but in fact simpler than we realize

Don’t shy away from sharing your reality. The words you use are powerful for healing.

Resources from the show...

  • Stop telling me to get over my grief (Listen here)

  • Deeply personalized support to help you manage guilt through infertility, high-risk pregnancy and postpartum (Learn more)

  • Get your copy of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy (Read Now)

  • Connect on with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Why I never tell my clients to stop saying they're broken when they're going through infertility, high-risk pregnancy and preterm birth. (Tweet that!)

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