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056: What I Learned From My Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy

healing from infertility, high-risk pregnancy and preterm delivery

There’s a lot of talk about miscarriage but that is only one type of pregnancy loss. Today I want to share with you about a different type of loss - an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies occur in about 1-2% of pregnancies typically but are the cause of approximately 9-10% of pregnancy-related deaths.

It's a type of loss that we need to talk more about and on this episode I share with you my experiences and the lessons I learned.


Episode highlights...

  • The realities and statistics about ectopic pregnancies, including your chances of experiencing one again after having a first one

  • The one and only time I took a home pregnancy test and it was a big fat "MAYBE"

  • How my "two week wait" turned into a "four week wait" and why I needed blood work every two days

  • Why my doctor was so certain it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy

  • What it felt like when my fallopian tube ruptured

  • The ultrasound that changed my life

  • Why I needed emergency surgery and the best thing my surgeon told my husband that I wish all OBs would tell partners

  • How long it took me to heal emotionally and physically after the loss (HINT: It was MUCH longer than I ever expected)

  • The three lessons I learned from having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that I want all women to know

You don’t need to know WHAT’S happening to your body but you do need to speak up THAT something feels wrong.

Resources from the show...

  • What couples need to know about recurrent pregnancy loss (Listen here)

  • Get your copy of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy (Read Now)

  • Deeply personalized support to help you heal after loss quickly and gently (Learn more)

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An ectopic pregnancy is scary, dangerous and requires time and work to help you heal physically and emotionaly afterwards (Tweet that!)

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