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057: It Takes a Village to Make a Mother - Interview with Abbi Perets

Have you ever felt SO overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out by all of the challenges you're facing that you end up on the floor of your bathroom just sobbing?

Ever told your friends and family that you're "fine" when you're totally not?

Ever feel really resentful of other women, couples and families who have it so easy? They get pregnant easily, they have easy pregnancies, they have healthy, full term kids with no long term problems?

I know I have and so has this week's guest who shares an incredibly powerful story of a surprise NICU stay, being shocked to be thrown into the world of special-needs parenting, and having to navigate pediatric cancer on top of all of that.

There is no fluff, no platititudes and no Hallmark advice. This is a real, raw conversation about what happens when you start to feel like a human punching back to life's blows.


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Episode highlights...

  • How a homebirth turned into an 11 week NICU stay and then a life-long journey of parenting a special-needs kid

  • The grief, guilt, anger and resentment she felt because life took so many turns that she never asked for

  • What inspired her to finally stop telling her friends and family she was "fine" when she clearly was not

  • Just as she was getting on her two feet, the huge blow to her family to find out her son developed leukemia

  • How she coped with this medical crisis on top of everything else (Hint: It involved the kitchen floor)

  • What helped pull her out of the darkness finally