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061: How Real Food Can Help with Postpartum Healing - Interview with Lily Nichols

postpartum nutrition

You made your birth plan. You have your nursery all decorated and ready for baby. You have a closet filled with tiny clothes for your new tiny human.

You know who your pediatrician will be and have your car seat all installed ready to bring home your little miracle.

Most women have all of that covered well before their due date.

But are you prepared for the postpartum period? Specifically, are you prepared for how you're going to keep yourself nourished while you take care of (and possibly feed) your baby?

On this episode, I speak with Lily Nichols, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist on how to help yourself heal after delivery.


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Episode highlights...

  • How Lily is changing the world of prenatal nutrition with her emphasis on real foods

  • What are warming foods and why traditional cultures emphasize consuming them immediately after delivery to help your body heal physically

  • Two surprising foods that traditional cultures advise against eating soon after delivering a baby (HINT: We eat them all the time!)

  • Why Lily ate them anyway and why it's safe for you to as well

  • How to manage postpartum weight loss while eating nutrient dense food (HINT: Follow your appetite)

  • The biggest challenge postpartum women face nutritionally is being undernourished by not consuming enough nutrients and calories (especially if you&