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065: The Truth About Adoption After Infertility

For many couples who experience fertility challenges, adoption is often an option that's considered the next step. But is it right for everyone? And is it only an option if you fail to get pregnant with fertility treatment?

The answer to both is no.

On this episode I speak with Emylee Williams who shares her journey to motherhood through adoption, how they chose the route they did and whether they would do it again.


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Episode highlights...

  • Emylee shares that her journey to parenthood began with not wanting children at first

  • How she discovered she had fertility challenges

  • Why Emylee saw a fertility specialist much later than most couples would

  • Why Emylee and her husband decided to forego fertility treatment including donor eggs, donor sperm and donor embryos

  • The question Emylee and her husband had to ask themselves before they agreed to pursue adoption

  • What scared them off when they tried adopting through the Department of Human Services

  • How she and her husband gained true clarity about whether (and how) they wanted to build a family

  • The difference between adoption through a private agency versus a nonprofit (and how Emylee and her husband made that choice)

  • What are "maybe babies" and how does it affect the adoption process?

  • Why "just adopt" is horrible advice because of how tumultuous the adoption journey is