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080: Ending Avoidance

We all know avoiding important tasks isn't helpful. And yet we all do it, because, let's face it, it's easier than making that doctor's appointment, returning that phone call or doing the bloodwork. Did you know, avoidance builds up anxiety and ends up leaving you more stressed than the actual thing you're avoiding? On this episode I share with you how to end avoidance once and for all so you can get the health care and suppor that you need and deserve.


Episode highlights...

  • What we tend to avoid when it comes to our health care

  • 4 most common reasons we avoid making important decisions or calling our doctors back (and why that matters)

  • How it makes sense evolutionarily to avoid big, life-changing decisions or actions

  • If it was easy to stop avoiding, you would have done it already. What's happening instead

  • Client and personal stories to show you all the different ways avoidance shows up in your life (HINT: You're probably avoiding and you don't even know it!)

  • The ripple effect of avoidance on your physical health

  • Why avoidance impacts fertility and pregnancy health (it's not just missed medical appointments)

  • The 3-step process to end avoidance once and for all (including one of my favorite exercises a friend taught me!)

  • What Friends taught me, and will teach you, about ending avoidance so you can receive appropriate and strong health care

Avoiding doing the thing you need to do only hurts, it doesn’t help. It adds stress to your body that you don't need. Taking small, proactive steps can beat the overwhelm and end avoidance.

Resources from the show...

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