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117: What Women Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Health

We all know that the postpartum period brings challenges in physical recovery, but one issue you may not be aware of is pelvic floor health. It’s something that’s rarely mentioned by doctors, yet it can lead to lifelong health problems if it’s neglected. Let’s dive in with today’s guest!

Catherine Middlebrooks is a yoga teacher and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. She’s also a wife, mom, and founder of Brb yoga and the Heal Your Core with Yoga program. With the mind of a researcher and the heart of a yogi, Catherine geeks out on the science behind corrective exercise and helping moms like you restore your core strength so you can say YES to life again. She is currently taking yoga on the road, traveling the US in an RV with her husband, Paul, and their two young children.


Episode highlights...

  • Catherine’s interest in pelvic floor health, which stems from her personal journey with her first pregnancy

  • How Catherine focused on learning how to heal her own body and wanted to help others

  • The pelvic floor: a set of sling-like muscles attached to the pubic bone and tailbone that supports your organs

  • Signs of a weak pelvic floor: a tampon not staying in place, lack of sensation during intercourse, heaviness in the pelvic floor, incontinence

  • Signs of pelvic floor tightness: pain during intercourse, feeling like your bladder isn’t emptied completely, hip discomfort

  • How pelvic floor muscles respond to stress more than other muscles in the body

  • The connection between the diaphragm, pelvic pain, and shoulder pain

  • What you can do before pregnancy: get stress under control, visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist, figure out if it’s weakness or tightness, and try yoga (the happy baby pose or dead bug pose) to help

“Pay attention to your body’s signals. You can rehabilitate your body and get back what was lost."


Resources from the show...

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