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120: Preparing Your Marriage for Baby with Jennifer Lagrotte

The journey to becoming a parent may bring fertility challenges, stress, and fear of the unknown. One aspect of parenthood that we don’t give much thought and attention to is the fact that bringing a baby into your family puts stress on your relationship. Many changes take place, but your marriage can survive and thrive. Today’s show is about how to strengthen your relationship so you can get through the transition together.

Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte is a marriage and couples therapist in Parkland, Florida. Her life mission is to help couples strengthen their marriage in spite of the stress and strain that fertility treatments may bring. Her work, focused on couples, teaches people to stop fighting and start communicating. She uses the “Atone, Attune, Attach” method in her affair recovery work with couples, which is based on her training with Julie and John Gottman.


Episode highlights...

  • How to stay connected as a couple

  • How to guard against the “tit-for-tat” resentment of your partner

  • Why we most often hurt the ones who are closest to us

  • How to improve communication about how you’re feeling

  • “The Four Horsemen” of criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling---and their antidotes

  • Why trusting your partner with your emotions is a whole new level of trust

  • The “walls and windows” concept from Shirley Glass

  • Why a couple needs a shared calendar and shared responsibilities

  • Why you don’t have to choose between creating a family and your relationship; You CAN have both!

“With all the stress you’re going through, hold onto the bond that you and your partner have. Remember that the stress is outside your relationship; it’s not on the inside unless you let it be. Stay connected as a couple.”


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