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121: Body Kindness and Healing Body Image Postpartum with Rebecca Scritchfield

Body image issues are common for girls during the adolescent and teen years, but do things improve at all for women in the postpartum? It’s exhausting and demoralizing to compare yourself to what you see on TV and in magazines--and know that your body does NOT look like what you see. It’s time for us to have real conversations about what our bodies look like after giving birth.

Rebecca Scritchfield is an award-winning “health at every size” dietitian and exercise physiologist. She’s the author of Body Kindness: Never Say Diet Again and host of The Body Kindness podcast. Rebecca has a free anti-diet, get started course, and she provides one-on-one counseling, virtual support groups, workshops, e-courses, and more.


Episode highlights...

  • The need to be kind to yourself and focus on your wellbeing

  • How the name “Body Kindness” came about

  • Where the push for unrealistic postpartum body image comes from

  • How Rebecca’s book takes an approach grounded in mindfulness, acceptance, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

  • Reframing what you need to do to work with your body’s natural trend

  • The three pillars of body kindness: love, connect, and care

  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Parent Encouragement to Diet: A 2018 study that shows how diet trends are passed on through 3 generations​

“You are worthy and good just for being born. Your pain is real and valid, but it’s OK to get better.”


Resources from the show...

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