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How to Get Through It When You're Overwhelmed

Living with a high-risk pregnancy or a baby in the NICU, you probably don't remember the last time you were NOT overwhelmed!

How often do you have that shaky, hot-faced, eyes-darting-from-side-to-side, I’m-forgetting-to-breathe-deeply moment? And when you do what do you typically do?

Most people push through. Many clients tell me they have to do something to fix it. So they become a bull in a china shop and have a knee-jerk response to what’s overwhelming them.

I know you’ve done this too. Because we all have.

  • You pick a fight as soon as your partner walks in the door.

  • You yell at your or your baby's doctor or nurse.

  • You start on a cleaning frenzy, getting more and more upset with every paper and article of clothing that you pick up.

You let your feelings drive your behavior. But all that does, is make you behave in a way that escalates your stress. (Tweet that!)

Take the Challenge

I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful, most essential tip to use when you're so overwhelmed you can't think straight.

If you really want to make a change and take control of your stress, you MUST start here.

Most people who are overwhelmed know that there is too much on their plate. The most common reaction you feel overwhelmed is to do more, thinking that dealing with everything right away will lower your stress. But this knee-jerk reaction actually makes stress worse!

When you feel the urge to turn into the Tasmanian Devil and knock things off of your to-do list, I want you to stop, drop everything and walk away for at least 20 minutes.

I mean it. Get out. Go somewhere else. Close your eyes. Turn off your phone or laptop. Just walk away.

Conversations, emails or phone calls that happen when you’re overwhelmed often lead to misunderstandings which just becomes another stressor and something you don’t need.

Here’s your challenge:

When you feel completely at your limit but you want to tackle your to do list, walk away. It will take time and a lot of practice to resist that urge and turn this into a habit but it is so worth it.

Do you accept this challenge? Share it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear from you!

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