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3 Steps to Get Back on the "I Think I Can" Train

You are intelligent, successful and independent. You rarely require the assistance of other people. You meet your goals and you generally feel hopeful about your life.

Then why, after suddenly being prescribed bedrest, do you feel incapable, hopeless and completely out of control?

Most people will blame their health condition but in reality the answer lies in something far more controllable!

If you are committed to lowering your stress and putting an end to these unhelpful, negative thoughts, this Stress Less Action Challenge is for you!

Take the Challenge

Being under stress literally changes the way our brains work.

Stress can make us feel hopeless and even the smallest problems seem insurmountable.

Even if you are normally a positive person, unrealistic extreme thoughts like “I can’t do this” and “It will never work” start creeping into your mind.

This just feed into your stress causing you to behave and feel in ways that invite in more negative thoughts which causes more stress! You get stuck in a cycle!

Write it down

Recognize when it’s happening and what your negative thoughts sound and look like.

Challenge them.

Find at least 3 specific examples to prove that unrealistic thought wrong. Three is too easy, come up with 5!

Replace them

Find a more realistic thought to replace your negative ones with.

Don’t let your thoughts make your stress worse. Take back control! Replace your unrealistic thoughts with more helpful ones that are more likely to be true and get back to a less stressed, more positive place.

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