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How Music Can Help You Feel More Confident

Only by letting resentment go can you open yourself up for more happiness.

So many moms who are diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy or who have a preemie take a hit to their self-confidence.

They doubt themselves and their abilities not only about being able to be pregnant or be a mom but in so many different areas of their life.

I had one mom tell me, "If I couldn't stay pregnant, which is the one thing my body is truly meant to do, how can I trust myself to do anything else?"

While I disagree with her thought process professionally for a variety of reasons, I can completely empathize with the sentiment personally.

A high-risk pregnancy can feel like a mind game

It can leave you feeling completely helpless and out of control as complications arise sometimes without any warning. (Tweet that!)

And when things start falling apart, you might find yourself blaming yourself, feeling like these complications are somehow your fault even though they are not!

For some moms who are not comfortable with medical terminology, a high-risk pregnancy may leave you feeling at the mercy of your doctors and make you feel like you have very little power or voice in the doctor-patient relationship.

This loss of control and lack of confidence comes up frequently for moms when they're getting ready for a doctors' appointment or preparing for test results.

It can show up as:

  • not being able to sleep

  • having butterflies in your stomach

  • taking mental inventory of everything you did in the past few days or weeks that could have affected the test results negatively

  • feeling numb and tuned out

  • irritability

  • needing to control many other aspects of your life, like how the dishes are done or getting frustrated when an email is not sent exactly when you want

  • crying

  • feeling guilty

There is a fun and really powerful way to get your confidence back and feel in control

Here’s what you do:

Put away the Mozart and turn off the ocean sounds. It’s time to turn up the music.

Research has shown that listening to high-power, bass-heavy songs like We Will Rock You or In Da Club actually helps you feel empowered, more confident and more in control.

These are all things that moms with high-risk pregnancies or babies in the NICU don’t feel very frequently.

By pumping up the music, you may notice yourself being more vocal in your appointment and feeling confident with the decisions that you have to make.

Your challenge:

On your way to your next appointment, choose a high-power song like Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. Turn up the volume and let yourself feel the beat of the song. And then see how differently you feel when you walk into that exam room.

Do you accept this challenge? Share it on my Facebook page! I would love to hear from you!

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