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Gratitude on Bedrest and in the NICU

In the midst of the chaos of a high-risk pregnancy and a NICU stay, it can be so hard to see the light during what can feel like a long, dark journey.

This experience can be traumatic.

It can make you feel on edge.

It can drop your mood.

It can make you feel hopeless.

But as you are on this rollercoaster, you can do things to protect yourself and heal from the trauma that you're experiencing.

Gratitude is one such powerful healing tool.

Gratitude promotes resilience and happiness and is so important for our overall wellbeing.

Let's be clear though.

We are not talking about the "I should be grateful instead of feeling bad" or the "things could be worse" type of gratitude.

Statements like that simply invalidate how you feel and push your true emotions inside.

Suppressing those feelings is like burying dyamite. (Tweet that!)

Pushing your feelings aside builds stress in your body and your emotions will find a way to come out some other way.

So no, not that kind of gratitude.