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The Downside of Talking to Another High-Risk Mom

Whether you're diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy because of your age, gestational diabetes or a marginal cord insertion, very few people really, truly understand who scary it can be.

In efforts to be supportive, your friends and family may offer advice that just doesn't apply, like, "if you eat healthy, everything will work out."

Or they may wave you off as being overly paranoid, telling you to "just relax" because "everything will be ok".

What starts out as an already lonely experience becomes even lonelier when your closest friends and family, try as hard as they may, just don't understand what you're going through.

So when you finally meet someone, or a bunch of someones, who know what a high-risk OB is or know that a McDonald cerclage isn't a new item on the dollar menu, it is a huge relief!

Finally you can have conversations about what's truly on your mind instead of spending time explaining all of the new medical words you've had to learn.

Until this happens.

In this video I share with you:

  • The one downside of talking to a mom with a high-risk pregnancy

  • Two ways to avoid that trap so your conversations with her can be full of hope and not full of extra worry

The Short and Sweet

  1. When you talk to another mom with a high-risk pregnancy, you can fall into the comparison trap. You might find yourself wondering why she's doing better than you, feel bad that you're not doing enough or worry that because she landed in the hospital so will you.

  2. Comparing stories often ends up making you worry even more than you're already worrying because every single pregnancy are completely different.

To prevent yourself from falling in this trap:

  1. Focus on what you're doing well to remind yourself that you are doing a great job of taking care of your baby.

  2. Focus on the "what is" and not the "what ifs" to pull yourself out of the quicksand of worrying about the future so you can focus on the special moments happening right now.

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Talking to other high-risk moms who understand what you're going through should give you hope not more things to worry about. (Tweet that!)

Your Turn!

How do you avoid the comparison trap? Leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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