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4 Tips to Boost Up Your Self-Esteem

When you are diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, it's so common to feel like you've been swept up by a tornado.

All of the new medical terminology, changes in your day to day lifestyle, a new vision for what your pregnancy may look like can all leave you feeling overwhelmed.

It's also very common for these complications to translate into negative thoughts about yourself. You may find yourself thinking

I'm broken.

I'm doing a terrible job protecting my baby.

I'm a bad mom.

I'm failing.

Self-blame is a very common reaction, but one that can take a toll on your self-esteem. (Tweet that!)

In this video, I'm share with you:

  • why self-esteem can take a hit when you're diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy

  • how lowered self-esteem affects not only you but your baby too

  • 4 simple ways to bring your self-esteem back up so you can fully enjoy every special moment with your baby

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