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Freaking Out? 4 Steps to Help You Calm Down

A high-risk pregnancy is terrifying. Knowing that things aren’t going smoothly during a pregnancy is one of the worst things for a parent to have to accept.

It opens up your mind to so much worry. The what-ifs make a home in your mind and the stress of not knowing what could happen wears you down and could impact the baby.

It all builds up to having moments of freaking out. You know, those moments when your mind is racing, you can't think straight, you're feeling kind of panicked because you just don't know what's going on.

If this sounds like you, this blog is for you. Because if there's one thing I know from my experience with a high-risk pregnancy, it's that you may not be able to control much when it comes to your pregnancy. But you absolutely can control how you respond to it.

In this audio I share with you:

  • the 4 step system to managing freak out moments so you can feel in control again

  • how calm comes from within you even when everything else feels uncertain

  • how to use your thoughts so they help you feel better, not worse

The Short and Sweet

Step 1: Take a deep breath even when you feel like you can't. Breathing releases tension from your muscles including your uterus and can help calm contractions.

Step 2: Notice your thoughts. Do you ever catch yourself thinking, "Nothing ever goes right?" "I can’t do this" or "Everything feels like it’s falling apart"? Sweeping statements about your ability you’re generalizing and assuming which lowers your mood and feeds into your feak outs.

Step 3: Challenge your thoughts. What experiences have you had in your life that proves that thought from Step 2 wrong?

Step 4: Focus on what's happening right now. Bring your thoughts to the present. What's happening right now? This will diffuse the freak out moment. Your thoughts are powerful and can significantly impact how you feel. (Tweet that!)


Use your thoughts to boost you up not freak you out more! (Tweet that!)

Want more?

If you've been struggling with trying to figure out how to control your anxiety during your high-risk pregnancy or you feel like there's no way you can enjoy your pregnancy because of all of the ups and downs, the Quiet Mind Calming Session may be just for you.

Your Turn!

Now it’s your turn! How often do you freak out? What do you do when you’re freaking out to calm yourself down?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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