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Finding Happiness During Your High-Risk Pregnancy

You're overwhelmed, exhausted and totally done.

The stress from this pregnancy is taking out every ounce of mental energy you have, leaving you feeling completely worn out at the end of the day.

You keep hearing that you need to take care of yourself but you have no motivation to do one more thing.

Getting through the day is hard enough.

You want to melt away into your sofa and have someone take care of you without having to tell them what to do. You’re burned out by all of the ups and downs of your high-risk pregnancy.

There are only so many inspirational quotes and motivational memes you can look at before you start screaming at the universe for someone to just “FIX IT!”

You need something to change.

The reality is that the change starts with you.

But that first step to change can be really simple: Do something nice for yourself.

Indulge. Make yourself happy.

I’m not talking about getting a massage or a weekend getaway. (Though if your doctor approves and you’d like to, then go for it!)

I’m talking about that thing you’ve been depriving yourself of, that small thing that may seem insignificant to others, but would make you really happy.

Craving an eclair from that cute bakery downtown? Ask your partner or a friend to bring it by.

Been looking at a book on Amazon that you'd really like but have been talking yourself out of it? Click the buy now button and get it for yourself.

At the risk of sounding like another quote from the Quote Garden, relief from your anxiety and worries starts with you. (Tweet that!)

Because even if people around you are trying to take care of you, you won’t even notice because you’ll be buried under the overwhelm and stress.

Don’t make it harder on yourself.

You may be rolling your eyes saying this will never work or feeling defeated that everything still feels out of your reach.

We can't afford that book. Or I have gestational diabetes, I can't have that piece of apple pie that I really want. Or I feel guilty for trying to be happy when my body is the reason why this is all happening anyway.

To that I want to lovingly but firmly remind you to get out of your own way.

You can continue to say that to yourself, believe that you're unworthy of self-care and that everything is out of your reach because of your circumstances.

Or you can be completely committed to feeling some relief from your stress and get really creative.

Remind yourself that taking care of you is the best way for you to take care of your baby.

Find things that will bring you even an ounce of joy to counteract all of the stress that you're constantly under because of your circumstances.

If that book is too expensive, ask yourself what else will make you happy.

If you aren’t allowed to have that sweet treat, what about a savory one?

The truth is that relief from overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout comes from taking the right action. (Tweet that!)

If you want to pull yourself out of that cycle of negativity, if you want to feel calmer, if you want to sleep better, you have to take the first step in taking care of yourself.

Struggling to come up with an idea? Join me and other women with high-risk pregnancies in the Community of Hope and I'm happy to brainstorm ideas with you!

Your Turn!

What's one little thing you can do for yourself today that will help you feel more rejuvenated, more relaxed and a happier?

Or if you're having a hard time coming up with ideas or justifying doing something for yourself, what seems to be getting in the way?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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