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When You Shouldn’t Trust Your Instincts During a High-Risk Pregnancy

Do you know how to float on your back in the water?

Imagine you’re doing it right now.

Remember the smell of the chlorine, the feel of the cool water hitting the side of your face. Your breath quickens a little until you find the sweet spot and you’re floating, facing the bright blue sky, not a hint of tension in your body.

It’s relaxing now that you’ve mastered it but do you remember first learning to float on your back?

It’s a really bizarre sensation and pretty counterintuitive if you think about it.

The water can be scary in the beginning and your first instinct when you’re learning to float is to want to hold onto something that’s going to anchor you because it’s hard to believe your body won’t just sink.

When you realize there’s nothing to hold in the pool, you start noticing the water getting in your ears. And then your eyes.