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Should You See a High-Risk OB For a Preconception Consultation Before Getting Pregnant?

They go by many names.

High-Risk OB.

High-Risk Obstetrician.


Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist


So many names for one incredibly important job: to help you get through your pregnancy with the least number of health complications so you can have a healthy baby.

Who sees a high-risk OB?

Most women first see a high-risk OB during pregnancy.

This happens because she is referred by her OB/GYN when she is diagnosed with a pregnancy complication or the baby has health complications. Examples include:

  • Shortening cervix

  • Bleeding during pregnancy

  • High blood pressure

  • Genetic concerns for the baby

  • Fetal growth restriction

…. and many more.

Other women are referred to a high-risk OB during pregnancy because they are carrying twins, triplets or other higher order multiples, or because of advanced maternal age (mom is over the age of 35) as they are at risk for developing medical complications, such as preterm labor, during their pregnancy.

However, some women benefit from seeing a high-risk OB before they get pregnant.

Whether you have been pregnant before or are trying to conceive for the first time, you might qualify to see a high-risk OB during a preconception consultation.

Who should schedule a pre-conception consultation with a high-risk OB?

If you have a history of any of the following you should strongly consider seeking the advice of a high-risk OB before you become pregnant:

  • Chronic health conditions even if you have never been pregnant before (e.g. heart disease, Type-1 diabetes, thyroid disease, blood clotting disorders or anemia, obesity, clinical depression or anxiety, etc.)

  • Autoimmune disease even if you have never been pregnant before (e.g. Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)

  • Cancer

  • Pregnancy complications (e.g. gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome, preterm delivery, cervical insufficiency, etc.)

  • Recurrent pregnancy loss

  • Bleeding during pregnancy

What can you expect during a preconception consultation?

A preconception consultation is an appointment with a high-risk OB where you will go over your medical history, including your fertility history and experience with pregnancy and delivery. (Tweet that!)

You will review any chronic medical conditions you have, what they mean for your fertility as well any risks they pose for being able to carry a pregnancy to term.

Additionally, you will discuss any health problems that arose during previous pregnancies if you have been pregnant before.

Finally, you will receive a medical plan with recommended strategies to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

The possible strategies you’ll be given can range widely.

They can be anything from taking a particular medication or doing some bloodwork before conceiving, taking medications during pregnancy after you have conceived or a trying more invasive treatments such as surgical procedures that may help you to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Whatever the medical recommendations are, they will be tailored to you based on your medical history.

During this appointment, bring all of your questions as well as any relevant medical records you may have so you can get the most specific answers to help you move forward.

The goal is to help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby to take home with you.

The more support you can get, even if it’s before you’re even pregnant, the more likely you will have a positive outcome.

Your Turn!

Now is your chance to get in charge of your health like you've never been in before, to help yourself have a healthy pregnancy going forward so you can stay pregnant as long as possible.

It can be scary to open up old wounds, look back at everything that went wrong last time and worry about what will happen going forward. The more prepared you are up front, though, the better your chances are of giving your baby a strong start to life.

If you want to do even more to have a healthy pregnancy this time around, join me for this free webinar on overcoming fear and anxiety during your high-risk pregnancy so you can stay pregnant as long as possible, even if you face pregnancy complications.

The past will not necessarily repeat itself and there is so much you can do to make sure of that.

I believe in you!

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