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How to Get the Best Prenatal Care During Your High-Risk Pregnancy

1) You asked your friends who love their OBs for recommendations.

2) You searched through your insurance to find one who has the highest credentials.

3) You randomly picked off of Yelp and hoped for the best.

No matter how you found your treating physician, you must know that not all doctors are created equal. So it's important that you find a doctor that you trust.

Do you trust your doctor?

The litmus test to see if you trust your physician is who you ask the most questions to: your doctor or Dr. Google (or your mom or your friends). (Tweet that!)

While the lack of trust may be related to a how your doctor is treating your pregnancy or maybe your physician's communication style with you, prenatal care is a 2 way street. (Tweet that!)

Your doctor cannot treat you or help you with something you don't tell him or her.

So my question to you is, do you speak up enough when you're at the doctor's office? Watch this short one-minute video to learn more about why that's important and how it impacts your baby if you don't.

Click here on the video below:

How to speak up at the doctor's office

Reminding yourself of this video is a great way to gain the confidence to speak up when you feel embarrassed or anxious at the doctor's office.

Additionally, spend some time preparing for the appointment. Write them down and run through the questions in your mind before you see your doctor. You may even benefit from practicing them with someone to make sure you feel comfortable asking them out loud.

If you scoff at that idea, remember this: Your baby is counting on you to speak up.

Your Turn!

Do you speak up at the doctor's office? If not, what would make you more comfortable to ask all of your questions before your appointment is over? If you do, what helps you feel confident and comfortable to ask all of your questions? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you

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