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089: Fertility Q & A with Dr. Aimee

Confusing, infuriating, unfair, ridiculous, insane...these are just some of the words women in my community use to describe their battles with infertility. Infertility is a very difficult road and challenging on every level. On today’s Q/A show, I am so excited to have your questions answered by one of my favorite infertility specialists, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh.


Episode highlights...

  • Dr. Aimee discusses and dispels some of the common myths associated with secondary infertility.

  • Dr. Aimee discusses having miscarriages vs. secondary infertility.

  • Dr. Aimee’s T-U-S-H-Y method is a method to help patients understand the elements of the basic fertility work-up.

  • Dr. Aimee goes into great detail about the differences between a saline sonogram, and an HSG. It’s worth asking your doctor about these and where you can have one of these methods done.

  • When do you know it’s time for IVF? Dr. Aimee says it’s always diagnosis before treatment.

  • What can you do to increase chances of getting pregnant without having a miscarriage? Go back to basics. Have hormones checked, have DNA testing done, be checked for anatomical problems, is there a high DNA fragmentation and more tests are discussed by Dr. Aimee.

  • If you have never gotten any answers via testing to suggest why you keep miscarrying, your doctor has not tested enough. Dr. Aimee says there is always an explanation.

  • Dr. Aimee discusses reasons for stopping trying to get pregnant. Some reasons include severe depression, high FSH level, your partner is not onboard, etc.

  • How can you find a good fertility specialist? Dr. Aimee recommends talking to your friends. Go to a doctor who will truly listen to you. If it doesn’t feel comfortable during your first meeting, walk away.

  • How do immunological issues affect fertility? Is there a connection? Dr. Aimee says there are ways to test for natural killer cells and the diagnoses and treatments are not that expensive.

  • How old is too old to have a baby on my own? It’s difficult to get viable eggs from women age 46 or older.

  • How does diet affect fertility, and does it affect both women and men? Dr. Aimee discusses being healthy, but dispels common myths related to what you should or should not eat.

“Be informed! The more you ask, the more you’ll know, and the more you know, the better and clearer it will be to help yourself become a parent.”

Resources from the show...

About the Guest

Dr. Aimee, also known as the “Egg Whisperer,” is one of America’s most well known fertility doctors. Her success rate at baby-making is what gives future parents hope when all hope is lost. She’s had a hand in creating thousands of happy healthy babies. Dr. Aimee is a Harvard-educated board certified OB/GYN, specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; but it’s her “Egg Freezing Parties” that put her in the limelight and made her a media darling. She has been featured in magazines like People and Marie Claire, and has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Morning, Fox Network, along with a number of local and international newscasts. In her off-time, Dr. Aimee is a Mom to four rambunctious young kids aged 9 and under. Her goal is to teach everyone how to become fertility aware and #GetAheadOfInfertility.

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