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091: Listener's Sleep Questions Answered with Susie Parker

If you’ve had a new baby in the house, then you know how important sleep can be! When you’re sleep deprived, everything else seems so much worse. It’s a learning process to train your little one with good sleep habits and it’s something that will make your life easier. Don’t miss today’s show where we answer many sleep questions from listeners.


Episode highlights...

  • How Susie’s second daughter inspired her to do this work---after the sleep failures with her first child

  • Getting a 6-month-old to nap: consider timing, lighting, and sleep cycles

  • When babies transition from 3 naps to 2 naps daily, at 6-8 months

  • How to establish good nursing and sleep routines for those who feed on demand

  • Recommendations for a small living space without a separate bedroom for the baby

  • Sacrificing sleep for travel vs. sacrificing travel for sleep

  • Why preemies need more sleep than a full-term baby

  • Planning the afternoon/evening/dinner to work toward reasonable bedtime

  • Focus on a bedtime routine and set limits: make it a quality time

  • Setting the stage with your newborn for good sleep habits

  • Don’t worry about bad sleep habits in the beginning: focus on independent sleep skills at about 4 months

  • Teaching skills in sleep training vs. “crying it out”

  • Tips for new working moms on sleep regression

“You can have life-changing results when you focus on sleep. You don’t win an award for being sleep deprived. There is hope.”

Resources from the show...

About the Guest

Susie Parker is a certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleep Baby Love Child Sleep Consulting. She’s a “been there, done that” mom of two beautiful girls and she has dealt with many sleep challenges head-on. She is trained in the science of sleep by the Family Sleep Institute and her blog has become a go-to resource for many parents of littles. Her articles can be found on some of the most visited parenthood sites, including The Huffington Post, Baby Center, and Baby World, just to name a few. Through personalized consulting and online courses, Susie helps many exhausted families teach their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to love sleep.

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