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A Baby Does Not Heal The Wounds of Infertility

healing from infertility

Over the many years my husband and I went through the rings of fire of primary & secondary infertility, we had the honor of meeting so many other couples who were ahead of us on their journey, guiding us and inspiring us. We met couples who ended up with children through fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and couples who decided to live child-free. While each of our journeys & paths to our current life looked different, there is one common thread amongst all of us: having one, two, five babies in our arms does not cure infertility. I share this with you, the woman in the trenches right now as well as with you, the woman who's feeling helpless watching her loved one fight so hard to fulfill her wish to become a mother (again).

It’s ok if it’s not “all better” when you have the baby. The baby is so desired, so wanted, so hard fought so deeply loved and appreciated. But the baby does not erase the wounds, scars and heartbreak that were experienced to get to this point. That's not the same as "not moving on" or "not getting over it" or "being stuck" in the past or "ungrateful" for what you have. Your #fertilityjourney is part of your story & important to acknowledge. As we kick off Day 2 of National Infertility Awareness Week for 2019, I wanted to share this message that is often missed when rallying for infertility support. You can be tremendously grateful for the baby/babies in your arm and still mourn the path it took to get them there. That is completely ok. The baby doesn't cause the healing. And you don't need a baby to heal. With the right support to help you do the work, healing is possible when you're ready. What's your fertility journey been like? Share with me in the comments below!

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