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What I Say to My Private Clients

I'll be honest. I struggle with posting content online. Not because of the community, I've met SO many amazing people. Clients, business and project collaborators, friends!

No, I struggle because of all the quick-fix, checklisty posts that completely erase the nuance of what Health, Healing, & Health Care require...especially through the physiologically dynamic experience of a high-risk pregnancy.

There are no quick fixes. There are no hacks. There are no checklists that actually impact your chances of having a healthy pregnancy after preterm birth or late term loss.

But you know that.

What matters more than anything else is what YOU need, given YOUR history, and YOUR specific risk factors & being able to accommodate that with your changing body through your next pregnancy.

Here are the non meme-worthy things I say to my private clients:

  1. "I'm not here to fix you." You're not broken. There's nothing TO fix. There's nothing wrong.We're working helping you stay in a physiologically a safe state in your body, with your medical team & care plan, & throughout pregnancy.

  2. "You are the method." I don't have a magic solution or method that I made up. The method is a combination of understanding trauma physiology and how your body translates that science into reality. What I recommend from conception to homecoming is entirely dependent on what you feel, sense, notice, and know about your body, regrardless of what textbooks say.

  3. "You tell me if this resonates." Based on how I see you holding your body, combined with the words you're using to describe your experiences, I can extrapolate what happened, what's going on right now, or what you might need. But the final say is yours. I share what I'm thinking and why, but if your lived experiences informs an adjustment or change in what I said, we go with that. You know you best. I trust you.

  4. "What else do you notice?" I can only observe so much being an outside. You have access to your internal states that no one else has access to. Your experiences of what the inside of your body feels like matters. This drives a significant part of how I understand what's happening for you and what I recommend for you to try.

  5. "Try it and let me know how it works." Your body will tell us how well something is working. Not my education & training. Not both of our hopes for what we want for you. Your body. So I recommend one (or a few) things, but I wait for you to tell me what worked, what didn't, where we need to tweak, or where we have questions. Nothing is more important than your feedback!

Ultimately, I don't have the answers. Your body has the answers. I'm here to help you find them, understand them, and apply them so you can optimize your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and bringing home your baby.

The Path to Baby™️ is designed to do exactly that. Ready for it? Click here to tell me more about what's going on & I'm happy to tell you how I can help!

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