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006: Braving Bed Rest with Angela Davids

In this episode of Delivering Miracles, I talk with Angela Davids, founder of Keep ‘Em Cookin’ - an educational organization that gives pregnant women the greatest opportunity to prevent preterm birth by providing them with current information on high-risk pregnancy and by connecting them with an online community of other women facing a difficult pregnancy.

We share our personal bed rest experiences, give tips on how to get through the different types of bed rest, and address the ACOG’s position on why doctors should never prescribe bed rest to women with high-risk pregnancies.


Episode highlights...

  • I share about my experience being on bed rest for 16 weeks at home and 2 weeks in the hospital

  • Angela also shares about her experience with best rest during her two pregnancies and how she dealt with the anxiety, stress and loneliness

  • The inspiration behind Angela's online forum and how it provides a support network for pregnant women

  • How is bed rest defined and the different levels of activity restrictions

  • How many women are placed on bed rest during pregnancy and how each woman’s experience is unique

  • The isolating effect of bedrest

  • Why bedrest is so important during pregnancy

  • Why bedrest has become a really controversial topic within the field of gynecology

  • The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' (ACOG) new position on bed rest (HINT: it's not what most women believe to be true)

  • Maternal bed rest and infant health studies and their results

  • How Keep ‘Em Cookin’ acts as support base for women without endorsing any particular approach

  • Why it is important to have an in depth conversations with your doctor about their course of action during your pregnancy.

  • How to ask your doctor the tough questions

  • How you absolutely have the right to get a second or third opinion.

  • What to do if your doctor does not recommend bed rest for your pregnancy

  • Angela gives her best advice on how to survive the worst of bed rest!

There will always be conflicting and confusing information about bed rest and high-risk pregnancy. Ultimately YOU must determine what is best for you and your baby, and being well-informed will enable you to be your own best advocate.

Resources from the show...


The life of your child is at stake and the only thing you can do is do nothing (Click to tweet!)

20% of women are placed on some form of bed rest during the duration of their pregnancy (Click to tweet!)

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