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072: The Hidden Truth About Secondary Infertility With Sarah Argenal

When it's easy to have your first child, it's a pretty safe assumption that having subsequent children will be easy too. You start planning out how to space them apart, when to start trying and believe everything will go according to plan, just like it did the first time. When that isn't the case, and it takes much longer to have the second (or third or fourth)...or you have to rely on fertility treatment to continue building your family, it's heartbreaking and life-shattering. On this episode, Sarah Argenal and delve into the realities of secondary infertility, what it means and how to cope when having more children ends up being so much harder than you originally thought it would.


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Episode highlights...

  • Sarah shares her story of having her "honeymoon baby" and how easy it was to conceive and carry him

  • She describes how different her experience was when she was ready to conceive her second child

  • Sarah talks about the experience of having to take on the label and diagnosis of "infertility and what that meant to her and why she resisted it

  • How this Type-A, organized, highly suc