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088: Storytelling as a Way to Heal from Trauma

If you’ve experienced reproductive trauma, then you know the real, raw side of family-building---and you know that it’s not always pretty or easy. Do you like to talk about your experience? It may seem normal to want to hide from the reality because it’s tough, but there is a real need to share our stories. There is something innate within us that is meant to thrive on storytelling, and it’s an empowering way to find healing from your trauma.


Episode highlights...

  • Why storytelling is an important part of history and human culture

  • Don’t feel like you must hide from your story anymore!

  • Research supports the positive impact of storytelling on the emotional and physical aspects of health

  • The stigma you may feel around your story that “doesn’t fit” or have a happy result

  • The basis of the gentle progression into storytelling: safety first, and then the emotional work

  • Why we resist the idea of sharing our story

  • The goal: to unclog and release

  • Why being inauthentic creates more stress in the body

  • The benefits of empathy and compassion you develop from hearing your own story

  • The tendency women have to blame themselves for the trauma: “It’s MY fault.”

  • Telling your story gives you the chance to re-author your story to create a more empowering version of what you’ve been through

  • Three phases: journaling, composing the story, and sharing the story

  • Your story is flexible and will evolve and change over time

  • How to start telling your story: “Don’t be afraid to start with the mirror.”

  • It’s about creating the change your body is looking for in order to heal

Integrate your trauma into who you are, so you can recall it from a place of pride and confidence.

Resources from the show...

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