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106: When Your Body Needs You to Slow Down But You Like to Go Fast

When you're a Type-A, go-getter person who loves to be busy, it hard to accept when your body needs you to go slow. You feel unproductive, helpless and useless, none of which are good for your mental or physical health. On this episode, we talk about how to listen to your body when you need to go slow and how to slow down without feeling like you're stopping your life.


Episode highlights...

  • Why bed rest was especially challenging for me

  • Why many people find it challenging to slow down

  • The number one sign that we most often ignore that we're going too fast and need to slow down

  • Why my client was obsessed with creating the perfect nursery (HINT: it was tied to old grief) and how she realized it wasn't actually most important to her

  • The reason my client resisted slashing her to-do list

  • A journal exercise to try when you feel overwhelmed with to-dos but don't want to stop being productive

  • The biggest misconception we have about slowing down

  • The difference between a behavior being "in our nature" versus a choice that we make

  • When meditation, deep breathing and yoga are not the answer

  • Why throwing away your to-do list is not the best solution and what to do with your to-do list instead

  • The importance of tapping into your strengths to help you through health challenges is more important than learning new skills

Resources from the show...

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