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113: The Health Benefits of Control

The worst advice anyone can give a woman (or couple) going through infertility, fertility treatment or a high-risk pregnancy is, "You have no control". It is unhelpful and it is just plain wrong. Decades of research have shown the importance of believing in and maintaining control especially when it comes to health. Not only does it help you feel better emotionally, it creates physiological changes in the body, that during infertilty and a high-risk pregnancy, can increase your chances of bringing your baby home. On this episode, I share with you exactly how.


Episode highlights...

  • Why OBs should never tell their patients that they have no control over their health

  • What research tells us about control and health outcomes (HINT: it's a positive relationship!)

  • Why we tend to shy away from the idea of control and why that could be impacting your reproductive health

  • The two different types of control - internal and exertnal - and how believing in each impacts health

  • How believing in and tapping into what you can control affects mood, stress, anxiety, sleep, pain and so much more

  • How believing you are not in control also affects mood, stress, anxiety, sleep, pain and so much more

  • It's not the end result you're focused on but the steps along the way

  • Believing that you have control does not mean negative outcomes are your fault!

  • How your belief in how much you can control impacts the track on which your reproductive health journey follows

  • The biggest mistake people make when talking about control that hurts themselves and their loved ones

You have more control than you are made to believe when it comes to your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. Believing that is critical to getting pregnant, staying pregnant and healing postpartum.

Resources from the show...

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