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114: Partner's Role in Decreasing Postpartum Depression

We all know how challenging and traumatic a stay in the NICU can be for new parents, but NICU isn’t the most common postpartum difficulty to be encountered. The postpartum journey is so different and so unexpected, that postpartum depression is actually the most common stressor. Most expectant parents think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me,” but the truth is that it’s more common than we realize. Let’s talk about how we can prepare ahead of time to minimize the chance of postpartum depression, and how a supportive partnership with your spouse or partner can prevent this from being your experience.

Brian Salmon is known as “Brian, the Birth Guy.” He’s a doula, certified lactation counselor, and prenatal imaging specialist. He created the Rocking Dads Childbirth Class for birth partners and the Facilitating Fearless Birth Class for couples. He’s partnered with over 20,000 couples in his ultrasound clinics, birth classes, speaking engagements, and hospitals as a doula. Brian, who is based in San Antonio, has a new book, The Birth Guy’s Go-To Guide for New Dads.


Episode highlights...

  • Why being a doula is a calling

  • How Brian started teaching classes for dads at Babies R Us and then transitioned to hospitals

  • How education and knowledge can help reduce C-section rates

  • Red flags to look for that signal a higher risk for postpartum depression

  • How postpartum experiences differ greatly for moms and dads

  • Why teamwork doesn’t mean “divide and conquer”

  • How other cultures use postpartum rituals to help moms

  • Why people shouldn’t come over right away “to help with the baby”

  • How to do it together: eat when baby eats, sleep when baby sleeps, and do your hygiene when you do baby’s hygiene

  • A red flag of postpartum problems: when mom stops taking care of herself

  • Why you need an agreement ahead of time to talk to someone if one partner seems “off”

“Give each other grace, because parenthood is a new adventure. Talk honestly about the baby things you need and really don’t need. Don’t pressure yourself for ridiculous things. Just enjoy your baby!”


Resources from the show...

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