115: How Mindset Affects Fertility

One of the most frustrating aspects of building a family is when it takes a struggle to get pregnant. It’s especially exasperating when no one has a WHY. It can make you feel scared, overwhelmed, and basically out of control.

A’ndrea Reiter is a holistic fertility expert, Reiki Master, and the author of How to Get Pregnant Even When You’ve Tried Everything: A Mind-Body Guide to Fertility. She uses a combination of Reiki, intuition, and mindset coaching to move women through the emotional and physical blocks impeding them from conceiving naturally. She’s been published by the Chopra Center, Mind-Body Green, Thrive Global, The Elephant Journal, and is a regular contributor to the #1 fertility magazine, Fertility Road. Though based in NYC and LA, she helps women all over the world achieve their dreams of motherhood.

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Episode highlights...

  • The mind-body aspect of reproductive health; it’s a huge piece that’s overlooked

  • A’ndrea’s curlicue trajectory from being a Reiki Master who knew physical issues stem from emotional causes

  • How she switched over to fertility after being able to help her sister-in-law through a pregnancy

  • How infertility makes women feel powerless and out of control

  • “Unexplained infertility”---it just means we haven’t dug deep enough yet to find answers

  • How Reiki helps with infertility, because it’s an energy technique, “like acupuncture without the needles”

  • How Reiki helps to “get the flow back” and clear and energize certain areas of the body

  • How you can feel your battery draining with negative thoughts

  • How our “fight or flight” response kicks in

  • Why it’s not about placing blame for infertility

  • The law of attraction: energy attracts like energy

  • Why the fear has to get out of your body

“You are way more capable than you’ve been told you are. Assemble a team that is supportive of you. Do the things that light you up.”


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