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116: Personal Experience of PPROM

Many acronyms that come along with learning the new language of infertility and high-risk pregnancy. One experience that not many go through is PPROM, preterm premature rupture of membranes. We’re hearing a story of success and triumph over PPROM from today’s guest.

Abbe Turman is a full-time working mother of three and author of the lifestyle blog, Abigailius, which focuses on design, home organization, and living life with intention. Having experienced both an uncomplicated singleton pregnancy AND a high-risk twin pregnancy with an extended period of secondary infertility and IVF in between, she has a unique perspective on the joys and challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. With her high-risk pregnancy with her twins, she experienced PPROM and became a case study at the University of Minnesota. Abbe shares her story with others to inspire and encourage. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her family.


Episode highlights...

  • Why Abbe saw a naturopath to get her body back on track because she knew her body was “off” hormonally

  • How Abbe was profiled by doctors as a “stressed young mother” and a “compulsive career woman”

  • At the egg retrieval, 30 eggs were retrieved and 13 embryos resulted; one was transferred but didn’t take

  • On the second try, they transferred two embryos, and she became pregnant with one but miscarried at 12 weeks

  • On the next attempt, two embryos were transferred, and she became pregnant with a boy and girl

  • The statistics: 80% of PPROM cases deliver the baby within one week

  • Why she found a doula and developed a birth plan as she researched to find more information

  • After 5 weeks, she had more fluid leakage, but tests showed she had resealed

  • How she used mantras and affirmations for encouragement

  • How she spent the 3rd trimester at home and delivered the twins at 38 weeks---with no NICU stay

  • Tapping into the power of your body shows that miracles are possible

"The key to beating the odds is lowering your stress."


Resources from the show...

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