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118: Stress and Digestion with Jess Cording

Stress and anxiety can cause digestive issues for many of us, including pregnant women and women going through infertility. Let’s look at the nuts and bolts of nutrition and digestion with today’s guest.

Jess Cording is an expert on stress, digestion, nutrition, and how what goes on in your belly can affect your ability to conceive. Jess is a registered dietitian, health coach, and writer with a passion for helping people streamline their wellness routine and establish a balanced relationship with food and exercise. Through her writing, consulting, public speaking, and counseling, she works with individuals, corporations, and the media to help make drama-free healthy living approachable and enjoyable.


Episode highlights...

  • How stress and anxiety affect what we eat and what we crave, all because of our hormone levels

  • How cravings relate to hormone levels during fertility treatments

  • The impact of food on sleep and why melatonin is critical

  • How calcium helps with muscle movements and blood pressure

  • Two important minerals:

  • Magnesium-which helps manage blood pressure, nerve function, and cortisol, and is found dairy, nuts, spinach, fish, and chicken

  • Potassium helps with nerve and muscle function and is found in avocado, bananas, oranges, sweet potatoes, dairy, pumpkin, and potatoes

  • Jess’ #1 tip: use a checklist, a shopping list, or a grocery delivery service

  • Jess’ tips for portion size control

“Be kind to yourself. Tune into your body and know what feels right for you.”


Resources from the show...

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