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122: How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty with Brigid Dineen

Why does saying NO feel so hard to do sometimes? The reason is that we want to be people-pleasers, well-liked, and the one who says YES to everything, but that’s just not possible in every situation. When I was on bed rest, I had to learn to say NO to many events and activities, and I felt like a terrible person. Maybe this is a lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way, too. Let’s dive into the subject with today’s guest!

Brigid Dineen is here to teach us about her superpower: how to say NO without feeling like a jerk. Known for her deep empathy and grounded approach to personal growth, she is a resilience coach for strong women. Brigid teaches women how to say NO without feeling guilty, so they can reclaim their time, energy, and peace of mind. As the creator of Breathing Room and Mindfulness for Busy People, she provides practical tools and strategies for self-care. Brigid also hosts the podcast, Guts and Grace, which teaches how to create space for yourself in a world that would rather you stay small.


Episode highlights...

  • How women need the skill to say NO and have the courage and confidence to live on their own terms

  • Why cultural conditioning makes it hard for women to say NO

  • How boundaries come into play in the delivery room

  • The intersection between intimacy and vulnerability

  • Advice on how NICU parents can set boundaries:

  • Why saying NO doesn’t always make you the villain

  • Creating a new culture in which love and boundaries CAN coexist

  • Creating boundaries while balancing intimacy with the clinical side of getting pregnant

“Be gentle with yourself.”


Resources from the show...

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