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124: 5 Myths About Fertility, Pregnancy or Trauma Healing

I’ve talked to many women from many backgrounds with many complications. These women are all tied together by experiencing trauma on their family-building journey. The fact that unresolved trauma is a stress trigger fascinates me, and it led to my pursuit of training as a trauma specialist. Today’s show explores the question: What if the issues we see in maternal mental health are just results of unresolved trauma? We’re talking about common myths we hear regarding trauma healing and refuting them with truth.


Episode highlights...

  • 5 Myths of Trauma Healing:

  • You can only experience trauma after a life-threatening event

  • Trauma occurs when the stress response is turned on and amped up without the opportunity to “come back down”

  • Trauma is a life sentence, and it will be this way forever

  • When we believe this myth, we forget the healing power of the human body

  • Time heals all wounds

  • The truth is that healing takes active participation

  • PTSD is a disorder

  • Post-traumatic stress is an injury and a wound

  • You have to tell your story in order to heal

  • Telling your story before you’re healed will lead to retraumatization

You have to create the release, however that looks for you; relax your body and turn off the stress response.

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