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Case Study: How Rima Slowed Her Preterm Contractions and Delivered A Healthy Baby

Are you having contractions...maybe they're Braxton Hicks, maybe they're preterm contractions...but you're SO scared that you will meet your baby too soon? Does every pull, twinge or ache in your belly start alarms in your head, making you worry about what it means and what's going to happen? You want to be positive...hope for the best...but the tightness and cramping your belly is making you feel more and more confident you'll deliver preterm. It's the worst, right? My former client, Rima, was right where you were and I'm so grateful she was open to let me share her story.

An Amazing High-Risk Pregnancy Story of Reducing Preterm Contractions

Rima reached out to me when she was 27 weeks pregnant, having just been discharged from an overnight stay in the hospital. I'll never forget the fear in her voice as we were talking.

I was hospitalized with signs of preterm labor caused by polyhydramnios and although I was discharged, I didn't know how to handle things after that. I knew Parijat specialized in high risk pregnancies and reached out to her for help.

We talked about how scared she was and how she did NOT want to meet her baby before her due date like she had met her first who was born preterm. But she was terrified that there was no way she was going to make it to term given that she already was dealing with 2 pregnancy complications - polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid around the baby) AND preterm labor.... And she hadn't even hit the 3rd trimester yet!

She was losing hope of ever making it to term She was sure she only had another 2 weeks in her before her baby would be born, but she was desperate to try ANYTHING to help that not be the case. We started working together immediately and I took her through my Healthy High-Risk Pregnancy method, that's designed exactly for women like her to have a healthy matter how many complications you're you can give your baby a strong start to life.

Parijat taught me how to manage my body as much as possible in the middle of some crazy times. She taught me how to physically calm my body and contractions down, and she taught me how to listen to what was happening with my body so that I knew when something serious was happening or not. It was life changing because before that, I just worried about everything and felt totally out of control. This gave me back some control which was so important.

What happened next blew her mind

Within 2 weeks, her anxiety dropped by 50%.

But more than that....she was able to recognize the triggers for her contractions and she was able to manage them on her own at home. No more hospital stays.

No more late night runs to the ER. She had thought she'd only make it to 29 weeks when we first met but she ended up staying pregnant past 29 weeks. She even stayed pregnant longer than her MFM told her was likely! So how did her story end? I'll let her tell you herself.......

I credit Parijat with helping me keep my baby inside of me as long as possible (overdue in fact!) and teaching me to manage my body and feelings during a really difficult time. There are very few people who truly understand what it's like to go through a high risk pregnancy but Parijat does AND has ways to make it easier.

To anyone considering working with Parijat during a high-risk pregnancy, I would tell her that it was a necessary part of managing a high risk pregnancy and worth every penny.

I get chills thinking about how far she's come and I have to say, seeing her little girl's picture in my email inbox brought tears to my eyes.

What does this mean for you? I'm sharing this story with you, because I want you to see that mind-body support during a high-risk pregnancy is critical to helping you have a healthy pregnancy...even if you're going through complications.

Seeing your OB and MFM and managing your physical health alone just is not enough because they aren't trained in the mind-body connection or overall wellness during pregnancy. So unfortunately FAR too many women hear the message that there's nothing they can do and they just have to accept when their baby comes.

That's NOT ok with me! What a terribly disempowering message to send a woman who's fighting for her baby's life! It is for this reason I teach cutting edge neurobiological techniques to help women like you and Rima have a healthy pregnancy even if you're facing multiple complications! It is a POWERFUL method that has helped SO many women like Rima learn how powerful and resilient their bodies really are despite going through a really difficult, scary time like a high-risk pregnancy.

Now it's your turn!

If you're sick of feeling helpless and out of control during your high-risk pregnancy and ready to learn how YOU can have a healthy high-risk pregnancy, apply to work with me privately. ork with me privately. You can take back control of your high-risk pregnancy. You have more power than you realize to have a healthy high-risk pregnancy. I truly believe that. And if you do too, I can't wait to speak with you and help you have a healthier high-risk pregnancy so you can give your baby a strong start to life.


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