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True Strength : Braving The Challenges Of One’s Pregnancy And Fertility Journey

I alluded to this in my stories yesterday but this week was a phenomenal week for so many of my clients. Every single one of them shared some version of, "I didn't think this was possible" as they reflected on the health and life changes that they've experienced on their fertility journey and through their pregnancy.

Each and every one of my clients has experienced devastating moments on their family building journey. Some of them even found themselves at the edge of life themselves. Not one of my clients has had an easy journey - all challenging in very different ways.

But one common thread prevails: a desire, a wish, a belief, that things can get better.

That they can feel better emotionally. That their next pregnancy can be easier. That their prenatal care can be better. And then they put that into action by being so dedicated to turning that belief into reality.

I share this because I know how daunting it can feel to want to Trying To Conceive after loss or after a high risk pregnancy or previous preterm delivery. You've lost trust in your body. You don't feel safe at all. And the desire to have more children is so palpably strong.

I'm here to remind you that the hard work is already done. You survived. Your loss, the traumatic experience of bringing your child into the world. What you've been through, that was the hard part. Healing, release, and recovery will never be as hard as what you've survived already.

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