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036: What Every Woman Going Through a High-Risk Pregnancy Needs to Hear

For how much I'm supportive of motivational messages and maintaining hope, there is a downside to messages that we say far too often to women going through a high-risk pregnancy.

The result is that far too many women end up minimizing their experiences and their emotions during their high-risk pregnancy and avoid talking about the realities of what they're going through and how hard it really is.

The problem with that is, on the days you feel like your world is crumbling around you, and you're exhausted and frustrated and overwhelmed, you feel like you're the only one that's going through it. Then, you start to internalize this as a problem with you wondering why you can't get through this.

For as long as we avoid acknowleding how hard a high-risk prengancy is, it leaves you feeling completely alone.

For women going through a high-risk pregnancy who are already at risk of experiencing antepartum and postpartum depression, this is NOT ok and we have to stop this cycle.

On this episode we talk about the realities and the importance of acknowledging those realities to help you cope and have a healthy pregnancy when you're facing pregnancy complications.


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Episode highlights...

  • Most high-risk women don't realize how bad the situation is until after it's all over because they are inundated with messages of minimizing their experience throughout their pregnancy

  • The worst advice women with high-risk women hear that they should never listen to or believe or tell themselves

  • How so many women end up cutting off their emotions during their pregnancy