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076: When Crying is Not a Sign of Postpartum Depression

With increased attention on postpartum depression in the media and in research, more and more women (and their loved ones) are becoming sensitive to recognizing the signs and symptoms early. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression, like crying, are not necessarily pointing to depression. Sometimes, crying is not a sign of a mental health condition at all but a sign of healing. On this episode, I share with you how to tell the difference.


Episode highlights...

  • Parijat discusses our culture's expectations and (dis)comfort around crying

  • Why crying, in and of itself, is not a bad thing and what matters more

  • The #1 thing that's most important during postpartum healing that will prevent retraumatization while you heal

  • When you should NOT begin your healing process postpartum

  • She shares a client story of a woman who experienced hospital bed rest, PPROM and preterm delivery with a lengthy NICU stay

  • She describes in detail her client's experience, self-judgments and revelations about crying

  • The best way to identify whether crying is a sign of depression (or other mental health conditions) or a sign of healing

  • What to pay attention to when you are (or feel like) crying (HINT: It's not your thoughts)

  • Why getting a massage is great but not a long-term strategy for physical or mental healing (but still really fun to do!)

  • How to identify if crying is your body's signal of postpartum depression (or other mental health condition)

  • Why looking at checklists and symptoms lists of postpartum depression aren't helpful and what to do instead

Crying is a signal about what is happening in your body. Understanding how the crying impacts your body clues you in on what's going on. Many times it’s not a clinical disorder but a sign of healing.

Resources from the show...

  • Healing from Guilt, Grief and Trauma Postpartum Audio Workshop (Register now)

  • The Importance of the Mind-Body Connection (Listen now)

  • Pregnancy Brain goes into detail about the mind-body connection and how to help you manage your stress during a high-risk pregnancy (Read Now)

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