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097: Stop Telling Me to Get Over My Grief

We have to stop playing the Loss Olympics. Too often we undercut and minimize our own grief to our own detriment, and laying the foundation for anxiety and depression. Loss is loss. You do not have to justify it or compare it to anyone else's loss for it to be valid. Let's change the conversation around loss to be more empowering and supportive! Join me!


Episode highlights...

  • We learn the story of a woman who was unable to conceive after five rounds of IVF and the reaction from her "friends."

  • Are people giving you the space to grieve? Parijat explains how others can influence our ability to process loss.

  • Parijat explains how grief and loss is unique to all of us. Are you allowing others to judge your grief?

  • We discuss various pregnancy related losses how they have been stigmatized and invalidated by society.

  • Parijat shares the experience of one of her first clients and one of her the biggest life lessons.

  • How and why we need to "give grief space" and why it is not our job to quantify or categorized someone’s loss.

  • Parijat discusses how our bodies are designed to handle grief and why we need to let it out before we can pour back in. Our bodies are designed to heal!

  • We examine what our responsibility is during the grieving process and why it's necessary to communicate our needs to others.

  • Parijat busts common misconceptions about loss. Grief doesn't always mean there is something wrong with you!

  • We explore the various stages of grief and why we need to allow healing to progress organically. "You know you are in the process of healing when you can feel joy and grief at the same time!"

  • What happens when you don't deal with your grief? The harmful effects could be greater than you realize!

  • We learn why naming and owning a loss will cause grief to lose its power and make it more manageable.

  • What do you do with the waves of grieving emotions? Parijat explains why it's important not to fight it.

  • Stop the Loss Olympics! Why comparing your grief and judging your emotions is preventing your healing.

  • Parijat encourages women to name and share their loss via Twitter with the #lossisloss. She is here for you and you have her support!

Resources from the show...

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