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127: When You Feel Lost After Having a Baby in the NICU

One of the most interesting aspects of my work in working with a wide variety of people is that every experience is so different, even if they share the same starting point. Having a baby in the NICU is a different type of trauma that shifts what you understand to be normal. It shifts everything you know to be normal and everything you expect to encounter in the way you enter parenthood. The good news is that you CAN find yourself again and return to “normal”! Let’s talk about how to do it.

In this episode...

  • MAIN POINT #1 How self-identity shifts when your baby is in the NICU [3:10

  • MAIN POINT #2 My client, “Claire,” and her NICU experience--which turned her into a basket case [5:15]

  • MAIN POINT #3 How we lose ourselves through a NICU experience [9:58]

  • MAIN POINT #4 The commonality we experience when we don’t feel safe [18:10]

  • MAIN POINT #5 Tools to use to learn to feel safe again [23:00]

The good news is that you CAN find yourself again and return to “normal”!

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