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Can You Help Yourself Stay Pregnant As Long As Possible During a High-Risk Pregnancy? It Depends.

Women ask me all the time:

"But seriously, Parijat. Can I really influence how long I stay pregnant? Can I really get in control of my high-risk pregnancy even when it feels like everything’s out of my hands?”

My honest answer: I don’t know.

That’s the truth.

What really matters

What I DO know is that it all depends on one thing: how committed are you to using the insanely powerful mind-body connection to help yourself have a healthier high-risk pregnancy?

What do I mean? Let me show you.....

When you’re diagnosed with a complication or you receive bad news from the doctor or you land in the hospital, what will you do?

The secret to helping yourself stay pregnant as long as possible lies in how you answer that question.

You’ll feel anxious. Of course.

And scared. Certainly.

You’ll have doubts about your treatment plan. Your body. Your future. Absolutely.

But it all boils down to this...

Will you use the power of the mind-body connection to help you manage your complications?

Because getting your mind AND your body to work together during your high-risk pregnancy is the only way for start seeing your pregnancy turn around...even if you have complications! (Tweet that!)

Why the mind-body connection is so critical during a high-risk pregnancy

Your complications have a physical AND an emotional component to them. Contractions, blood pressure, sugar levels, uterine irritability....ALL of them respond to your body AND your mind.

You've probably already noticed this...

  • Your blood pressure reading is higher when you've gotten bad news.

  • Nothing has changed in your diet or exercise routine but your glucose reading in the morning was suddenly so much worse the night you didn't sleep well.

  • You start feeling achiness and contractions in your belly when you have a busy day and are stressed out.

It happens to EVERYONE.

Myself included! Every single time I started feeling anxious on hospital bed rest....every SINGLE time...the monitors would pick up a ton of contractions and nurses would run into the room to see if I was ok.

But when you take a mind-body approach and address your emotional and physical symptoms together...all of that changes.

Not only are you able to feel calmer and less anxious but suddenly there will be a sense of predictability in your pregnancy that felt more like a tornado than the zen experience you were hoping for.

Most importantly, you'll get back control over your body so you can help yourself stay pregnant as long as possible.

The answer is in you

If you ever find yourself doubting whether you can actually do anything to protect your baby and stay pregnant longer than your doctor thinks you can...ask yourself these questions:

>>> Am I done feeling overwhelmed with not knowing what’s going to happen during my pregnancy?

>>> Am I ready to replace the constant "what ifs" and relentless worry with peace, calm and predictability?

>>> Am I sick of feeling out of control and ready to tap into the powerful mind-body connection that I have inside of me to help myself stay pregnant?

If the answer is YES to all of these, then yes, you CAN influence your pregnancy to help yourself stay pregnant as long as possible....even if you have complications.

Because you're ready to tap into the immense power of your own mind and body to control your health, you absolutely can see improvements in your pregnancy health.

I can tell you from my personal experience and experience working with clients on exactly this....

Once you start maximizing this mind-body connection, you’ll see improvements in your complications within just a few days.

You’ll start to feel more confident, more hopeful, happier and more relaxed.

You'll start enjoying your pregnancy.

You’ll feel more patient with your partner and your other children.

Your doctor will start trusting you and your instincts, not seeing you as another paranoid pregnant woman coming in for another exam.

It’s a win-win-win-win!

So if you're feeling skeptical or doubting whether it's possible to help yourself stay pregnant longer (even if you're at risk for preterm delivery), remember, you've got the answer right there with you.

Your Turn!

If you're still unclear on if you can influence your pregnancy and how and need some help figuring it out, schedule a free consultation with me.

On that call, I'll map out the steps you need to take in your specific situation to help yourself stay pregnant as long as possible...even if you have pregnancy complications.

To schedule your complimentary consultation, click the link below:

Take it one step at a time. You can do this.

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