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8 Ways to Cope with Anxiety While Waiting for Test Results

When you’re waiting for medical test results or a potential diagnosis for yourself or your baby, time seems to come to a grinding halt.

You may feel flooded with feelings of anxiety, dread, guilt and worry.

This wait can make you feel numb or it can make you feel like the Tasmanian Devil is living inside your head, running in 100 directions at once, wreaking havoc in your mind.

During that time of limbo when you don’t know what is happening to you or your baby, during a critical time of their development, can make you feel completely helpless.

But there are ways to regain a sense of control.

Before you take the test

Anxiety relief begins even before you take the test! Here's what to do as you're preparing for your ultrasound, bloodwork or any other prenatal testing your doctor has recommended for you.

Take notes

Fear can cloud memory and affect what you hear your doctor saying.

In fact researchers say that patients retain less than HALF of the information their doctor shares with them by the time the appointment is over.

So write down the facts as your doctor is sharing them with you so you can refer to them later.

Can't write while your doctor is talking? Bring a friend or loved one to take notes for you or ask your doctor if you can record their recommendations using the voice memo app on your phone.