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The 3 Body Systems Affected by Stress During Pregnancy

3 body systems affected by stress during pregnancy

During pregnancy, our bodies change. Specifically, there is a natural shift in 3 major body systems - the endocrine (hormonal) system, nervous system and immune system - to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Nature has found the perfect balance that keeps all 3 systems in check, like a 3 legged stool that sits flat on the ground.

When your body is under stress, that balance is disrupted. Imagine one of the legs becoming longer or shorter. It throws off that balance, the result of which are health complications. Anything from getting sick more often to #gestationalhypertension, elevated blood glucose levels, fetal growth restriction and #pretermlabor. (See works by Wadhwa, Hobel, Dunkel-Schetter and so many more cited and explained in Pregnancy Brain) Does stress cause these complications?

No. But it does play a critical role just like any other risk factor. Where does this stress come from?

It is not your head. You did not create these complications. You did not think your way into these complications. This is not your fault!

Stress comes from many different sources:

>>> dehydration >>> lack of sleep >>> physical pain >>> anxiety, fear or trauma >>> social isolation or loneliness >>> poor nutrition & vitamin deficiency >>> unresolved grief The good news is our bodies are tremendously capable of withstanding high levels of stress because we have a built in repair system that helps us heal when given the opportunity. It's not magic. This is how our bodies are built and it's amazing! Knowing this can take away feelings of helplessness & restore control to help you improve the health of your pregnancy. You are not at the mercy of your body or fate. You CAN impact the health of your high-risk pregnancy.

Ready for more?

Your next step is to read Pregnancy Brain and learn how you can tap into the mind-body connection to reduce your risk of developing new and managing existing pregnancy complications.

If you're looking for personalized support, join me and a handful of strong, determined and powerful women in the Hold My Hand Program specifically designed for women going through a high-risk pregnancy.


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