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What to Do When You Have Postpartum Complications

Postpartum depression is the number one complication of childbirth (more common than any physical health complications, including hemorrhage!). I believe that this is likely due to unresolved fertility, pregnancy or birth trauma. But there are many, many types of postpartum complications that a woman can experience. Having to deal with emotional or physical health complications after delivering a baby can be really challenging, especially if you already had a difficult experience getting pregnant and staying pregnant. You may be emotionally and physically spent, feeling overwhelmed having to deal with one.more.thing. Or maybe you're angry or resentful that it has to still be so hard. (I've felt all of the above!)

4 steps to caring for and healing from postpartum complications Whether you have trauma-related, emotional or physical postpartum complications, here are 4 things to keep in mind:

  1. Update your team. Your prenatal team may now be incomplete or no longer helpful in providing appropriate postpartum care. Find new providers who specialize in the complications you're facing who can guide you to health and wellness.

  2. Never stop medical treatment before talking to your treating physician. But get curious about how lifestyle, social and mind-body support can help you on your healing journey. For example, sleep, mood, diet, exercise, activation of the stress response, anxiety, etc often play a big role in exacerbating and healing postpartum complications (even medical complications such as hypertension!)

  3. Time does not heal but healing takes time. I know it's hard to be patient but it's important to go slow to avoid re-injury (both physical & emotional).

  4. Most of the time postpartum complications go hand in hand with grief, guilt and/or trauma. Release it from your body (see my posts on why you cannot talk your way into healing) to get back to feeling like you again.

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