013: Coping with the Loss of a Child With Dr. Tara May

Losing a child, no matter how far along in the pregnancy you were or how old the child was, is one of the hardest experiences a parent can go through in their life. On this episode, I chat with my friend and colleague Dr. Tara May, a grief coach and psychologist who experienced a loss herself and has made it her life's mission to support women and couples through their grief journey after the death of their child.

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Episode highlights...

  • Parijat shares a funny story from an early part of her and her husband’s relationship.

  • Dr. Tara May shares her inspiring story of how her own personal loss inspired her passion in the field of grief and loss.

  • Intellectually we know there is always a risk that a baby can die but what do you do when it becomes a reality? Dr. Tara shares from her own loss.

  • After losing her first child, Dr. Tara shares the fear and anxiety she dealt with when her 4-year-old needed brain surgery.

  • You cannot let the fear of death ruin your ability to live and enjoy the life that you have now.

  • Anxiety and worry and fear steal from the living. Find out how to combat those feelings.

  • Our current culture is not supportive of parents who lose a child, preconception. How do you cope this day and age?

  • Parijat and Dr. Tara address common myths associated with grief and loss of a child.

  • We're all taught that there are 5 stages of grief but does this reflect reality?

  • Is time really the cure for a loss and how long are you allowed to feel grief?

  • Dr. Tara and Parijat take on the sobering topic of the process of grieving for the loss of a child. But what about a child who was never born?

  • Are you passing judgment on your own feelings? You may be sabotaging your own healing.

  • Grief can actually worsen over time. What do you do when the world has moved on from your loss but you are still feeling it?

  • Men and women grieve differently. Parijat and Dr. Tara discuss how they are different and what it means for you, your partner and your relationship.

  • At what point should you reach out for support in processing your grief?

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and lots of resources available at your fingertips.There is no reason to travel this road alone!

Resources from the show...

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Is time really the cure for a loss and how long are you allowed to feel grief? (Tweet that!)

Are you passing judgment on your own feelings? You may be sabotaging your own healing! (Tweet that!)

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